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I am not much of a green thumb or a great cook, but this is an easy DIY that will look as good as it taste. Over the summer I purchased my first home. My favorite feature about my new place is the front porch, it is spacious and has an amazing redwood ceiling! Although the porch is big it was also empty so I added some of my personality by building a hanging herb garden to add color, redwood benches, and some decor pillows. You can see how to make the benches and pillows on these blogs! I put my hanging herb garden on the porch so all my friends and family could see, plus it added some color to the porch, which was very needed.


  • Colorful Spray paint
  • Wood stain (make sure you get water resistant if you are going to be hanging it outdoors)
  • Brush (get an inexpensive brush for the stain, you will have to throw it away after use)
  • Cordless drill with a 4″ hole saw
  • 8 Terra Cotta Pots (Get pots that are 1/2″ larger then hole saw)
  • 8 Small metal hooks and 2 larger hooks
  • Two (2) 24″x6″ pieces of wood (I used Redwood but a more affordable wood is pine or Douglas Fir
  • 8 Herb plants (I used Sage, Rosemary, Thyme, and Mint so my porch would smell amazing)

Lets Get Started!

1. Measure and drill holes into wood. 

I first marked with a pencil where I wanted to drill the holes. Be sure to keep the holes at least an 1″ from the edges and 2″ between each hole.

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2. Once the holes are drilled it should look like this!
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3. Stain the wood peices

Before staining the wood you might want to sand the pieces of wood to get rid of any excess slivers of wood. This is and optional step but will make the shelfs look better. If you do sand them, I used 150 grade paper. For the stain I used Minwax Gunstock Wood Exterior finish and steal. If you get another brand make sure it will seal the wood so if it rains the wood will not warp. When brushing the stain on make sure the brush strokes go with the wood grain. I had to put two coats on the steal the wood well, if you do multiple coats be sure it drys between coats.

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4. Spray paint the flower pots

Shake the can well before using it. When spraying the pots consider the overspray, not all the paint will land in the pot. I placed a large piece of cardboard on the ground before spraying and placed the pots in a location that would not be windy.

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5. Plant the herbs 

Make sure to loosen the roots of the plants before putting them in the pots.

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6. Connect the hooks and chains

About an inch away from the corners twist in the 8 small hooks. The 2 larger hooks will go into the ceiling where the planter will be stationed. Then just hook on the chains at your desired length. if you need to cut the chain, pliers work well.

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Now that you have fresh herbs to cook with here are some of my favorite recipes from others! Enjoy!

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